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Four Squares – Watch, Memorise, Repeat

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Four Squares is a game of memory, skill, and concentration. Watch what happens each turn and repeat what you see. Each time you successfully repeat the sequence it is lengthened, the speed increases, and your thinking time is shortened. Keep practising, work your way up the leaderboards, and challenge your friends.

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3 Game Modes

Four Squares features 3 different game modes to challenge you in unique ways. Each game mode can be played with easy, normal, or hard difficulty.


Endless is the classic mode that gives you a single life to repeat the longest sequence you can. One wrong move and it's game over!

Time Attack

Time Attack mode gives you 30 seconds to repeat the longest sequence you can. Every correct sequence will win you some more time, but every wrong move will lose you time so don't rush!


Speedrun mode gives you 3 lives to reach a sequence of 10 in the quickest time. You'll lose a life with each wrong move, but the timer doesn't stop so find the right balance of speed and accuracy.


With 9 themes and 6 sound packs Four Squares allows you to customise the experience to your heart's content.

Save, Sync, and Replay

Each game you complete is saved and backed up to iCloud. You can view completed games on any iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device and choose to play the same sequence to get the best score.

Automatic Pausing

When interruptions occur, such as phone call or replying to a text, Four Squares will automatically pause the game and allow you to resume where you left off.


Game Center integration provides leaderboards that let you compare your score to friends and other players worldwide.


Four Squares doesn't collect user data or contain any adverts. It is funded by a single in-app purchase that unlocks extra themes and sound packs. For more information read the privacy policy.