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NameFour Squares
Four Squares⁺ (In-App Purchase)Tier 3 (£2.99/$2.99). Unlocks extra themes and sound packs
Platform SupportiOS, iPadOS, macOS
Platform RequirementsiOS 14 or greater, macOS 11.0 or greater
  • SwiftUI
  • App Clip
  • Light and Dark UI
  • iCloud Sync
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Download Size
  • iOS App: 1.2 MB
  • App Clip: 0.46 MB
  • macOS App: 2 MB
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Four Squares is a simple game: watch the pattern, memorise it, then repeat it. After correctly repeating the sequence it will be replayed but with an extra button at the end. As the sequence gets longer you will have less time to watch the sequence and less time to repeat it.

The 3 modes available provide unique ways of playing the game. Each game mode can be played with easy, normal, or hard difficulty.


Endless is the classic mode that gives you a single life to replay the longest sequence they can.

Time Attack

Time Attack mode gives you 30 seconds to reach the longest sequence they can. Every correct sequence will win your some more time, but every wrong move will lose time!


The aim of Speedrun mode is to reach a sequence of 10 with only 3 lives. Faster completion times are ranked higher.


Screenshots are available for various device sizes. They are provided at full resolution in PNG format. Unedited and framed versions are available in the full screenshots download (2.1MB ZIP).

Four Squares iOS App Game Board ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Mode ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Themes ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Difficulties ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Sequence Orders ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Sound Packs ScreenshotFour Squares iOS App Completed Games Screenshot

App Clip

An App Clip is available that provides the full game experience but with a reduced feature set. All game modes and difficulties are supported, but Game Center and customisations have been removed to reduce the size of the download.

The App Clip can be invoked from Messages, Safari, or by scanning an App Clip code, QR code, or NFC tag. If the App Clip is invoked from a shared challenge the game will be configured with the same mode, difficulty, and sequence.

App Clip Examples

App Clip Code to Launch App ClipApp Clip Code to Launch App Clip
App Clip Code to Launch App Clip
App Clip Code To Play Endless Mode ChallengeApp Clip Code To Play Endless Mode Challenge
App Clip Code To Play Endless Mode Challenge

The above examples can be should be sufficient to demonstrate the App Clip, but if a custom link is required you can learn how to format a universal link.


Four Squares is developed by me, Joseph Duffy, an independent iOS developer living in England. I have a personal website with blog posts and my contributions to open source projects.

Four Squares is published under my company, Yetii Ltd..

Future Direction

Numerous features are planned for future releases, including:


I can be contacted at or @Joe_Duffy.


Prerendered icons are available in PNG and vector formats: